Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas is here already!!

Christmas is in 4 days!! OMG I still am not ready. I can't believe how fast the last two months have gone by. I feel like it was just Halloween.

Things are going along pretty smoothly. Kylie is almost done with chemo. Only 7 more treatments. I am so glad its almost over! Even though its done its not really done! There will be lots more scans, and checkups and MRI's every 3 months for 2 years. We also wonder about long term effects of all of this poison that has been pumped into my little girl. All we can do is move forward and be thankful that this part of our journey is almost over.

Savanna is doing well she is on her last 2 months of med. The poor kid has been on antibiotics for a year now. It is amazing what a little bite from a tick can do. This last med she is on could permanently stain her teeth. But the way i figure it is if that's the worst then we can always bleach her teeth when she get older. I truly hope this works and that it will be the end of Lyme disease.

Mikey is doing great. Hes the happiest boy! He is a good sleeper and LOVES to eat.
He has the best giggle. I feel so blessed to have him in my life. He makes our family complete.

So as we get ready for the holiday in a couple of days, I look forward to spending time with family, introducing Mikey to family, and I am excited to see the smiles on the kids faces Christmas morning. We are so thankful that we get to spend this holiday together. That's what its really all about.
Well enough for now. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas, take time to enjoy this time our kids will only be small for such a short time and these are the memories they will carry with them through out their life.

Merry Christmas!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Stationery card

Our Family Story Christmas Card
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Monday, November 14, 2011

Its been a long time!

Its been a really long time since I have written anything,
but come on my life is a little crazy give me a break!!

Life has been going good lately I had baby Mikey on July 31st. He is the cutest baby and he is SO smiley!!! My labor was fast and furious. I started having contractions on a friday in the afternoon but they were like 40 min a part at that point. then I went to the hospital at 3:30 am with them about 7 minutes apart. The nurse didn't really think I would be staying but to her surprise and mine I went from being 2 centimeters dilated to 10 in 3 hours he was born 6lbs 14oz and 19 1/2 inches long at 6:55am on July 31st.

He has just been such a joy since day one! He is a great sleeper. (Thank God ) He has only been getting me up to feed him at 4:30 am and then goes back to sleep till around 8am. He goes everywhere with me and is just so happy to go places and see people. He absolutely loves his big sisters! They love him just as much. They are still after almost 4 months fighting over who gets to hold him next.
Kylie is doing well. Still getting chemo once a week. She does ok she works herself up sometimes and gets nervous that she will get sick and when she does that, she will get sick. The mind really is an amazing thing. She gets an antibiotic once a month and it makes her sick every time!!!! Its really hard on those days. To see your little girl sick and you can't do anything to change it. But shes a trooper and is strong. Her hair is growing back like crazy. It looks so cute I tell her all the time she looks like a supermodel. LOL She is so happy.
Mike took Kylie for her routine MRI and chest x-ray today. She did great! Its a long day though. Its also hard on us waiting for the results. I know in my heart that everything will be fine but you still worry no matter what. So lots of prayers.
Savanna is doing super in school. I was really worried that she would have a hard time. A new baby in the house, school everyday, and Kylie still having treatments every tuesday. But she has done great she likes her teacher, and is making new friends. She can't wait to come home to see Mikey. She just finished up her first season of soccer. she is a good little player. She gets right in there and is aggressive. I love to watch her. Kylie also played this season again. She also did great. I am so glad she Can still continue to do the things she likes.
Savanna is excited to start Daisy Girl Scouts soon. Now I will have 2 girls scout troops, YES I'm crazy but how could tell Savanna no when she asked if I was going to be the troop leader for her like i was for Kylie. I couldn't. Also lots of PSA stuff going this year. Heading up some great fundraisers, the best is going to be a ladies choice dance. I have great memories of going to them with my dad when I was little. Excited to see my girls go with their daddy.
Mike has been really busy working on the house Kylie moved her basement down stairs, savanna is moving into Kylies old room and Mikey is going into savannas old room. Kylies room came out super cute! Savanna is looking really cute too. Hes such a hard working guy, I love him! Such a good daddy and husband I couldn't ask for anyone better!!!
Well we have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!! We get to spend the day with family tomorrow and be together! Then its off for some black friday shopping!!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Childhood Cancer Awareness!

I know its been a LONG time since I updated but things have been going really well and we have been really busy. I will update about every thing tomorrow. Tonight is for spreading awareness.

September is Childhood Cancer awareness month.

I know the month is almost over but we should think about it every month. Wear your gold and show support. There is such a great need to spread awareness. Watch this video to learn more!!!!!

Please continue to pray for my girl who is such a warrior, and all the other families fighting this disease!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Chugging along!

So its been a long time since I've blogged.
Sorry people but I've been tired and hot and pregnant.

So only 2 weeks left till this little man is due to come into my life, I have to say everyone is really excited :) Especially Kylie she must say at least 5 times a day "I can't wait till baby Mikey comes" I just can't believe that its almost time. I finally feel ready though all his little clothes are cleaned, bassinet is ready, I have all the essential baby equipment ready to go. Now we wait! At my checkup a few days ago the dr. said he wasn't ready yet but maybe she would see me before my next appointment, HAHAHA little does she know my kids DO NOT like to come out till they are ready and I don't see this one being any different.

My 2 bffs threw me a small baby shower. I told them not too but they surprised me anyways. It was a really nice surprise, they did a great job. <3 you girls.

The girls are doing good. Kylie has been thankfully healthy!! So far she has had a great summer. Lots of swimming in the pool and hanging out with friends. The 4th of July was really fun we got to see lots of extended family and the Bristol 4th of July parade in RI. Fireworks, and tons of food. Just what summer should be! We have noticed that if Kylie plays real hard for a day then it will take about 2 days to recoup. But at least shes not missing out having fun.
Savanna just turned 5 YES 5 I CANNOT believe my baby is so big and will be starting Kindergarten. It really makes me a little sad:( But that's what happens they grow up. She had a horse themed b-day party of course I didn't expect anything dif. She just LOVES horses! I am looking into riding lessons for her come the fall. So it will be back to being busy and a taxi cab. Between riding lessons and soccer, and Girl Scouts, and a new baby. but I wouldn't have it any other way. i LOVE being a mom.

We had a scare the other night! A BIG one! Our dehumidifier caught on fire in the basement. Luckily Mike had gone down to sleep at 4am. The smoke detectors started going off around 4:30. I actually didn't hear them until savanna came into my room scared. I had the air conditioner running. I got up because I heard a beeping and opened my door and instantly smelled something nasty. I went to the top of the stairs and opened the door and a big cloud of smoke came up in my face. i yelled for Mike thinking he was still in the bedroom. he yelled that he was already down there and that he had put the fire out with the hose. Thank god! i was so scared I put the girls in my room with the cat because there was no smoke in there. The upstairs didn't get much smoke but we had to air it out with fans for awhile. It really freaked me out.
We are very lucky for a lot of things, 1. that Mike was down there and got to the fire fairly quickly. he said the flames were 6 feet high. 2. the humidifier was in an unfinished part of the basement ( or the whole toy room would have gone up and the upstairs probably would have had damage also.) 3. and most important that everyone was OK. Things could have turned out so much worse! Really Scary.

I have to say I'm not sure why we are being tested so much. We are grateful for everything that we have, we are not mean or unappreciative. We LOVE our kids and family. have we not proved ourselves enough? All I can say is we will face ANYTHING that we have to. We will keep going no matter what. And 5 years from now we will look back and say wow that was a hard year but look at us now we will be an even closer family :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Not to sure what my problem is lately but I have no energy. Not sure if its the heat, the pregnancy, or everything put together but I don't want to do anything!

Well that's not entirely true.... I want to get rid of everything!!! Clothes, pool, firepit we don't use, toys anything but I want to have less things!! I never had nesting like this with the girls. Well at least I don't think so.

Anyway I am trying to get ready for this baby we finally have somewhere for him to sleep I bought a new bassinet (thanks to mold ruining my old one) So now I only need to get a couple of more things.

This month is busy for us! We have something going on almost every single Sat and Sun. I think we will have to pick and choose though.

Kylie finished her radiation treatments like I had written before. Thank God for that. Her energy was coming back more every day. Well I think she pushed her self too much. One weekend she was going going going . She had a sleepover on Fri. then we took her to New york city to visit the American Girl Store. She had money to buy whatever she wanted for her American girl doll. This was her treat for doing such a GREAT job during the 4 weeks of hell (radiation) . She had a good time even though she was a little tired by the time we were leaving. So we went to the American girl store then off to Toys r us for Savanna. Who did not want an American girl doll. I kept asking her but no she wanted of all things Squinkies. She is too funny! The girls slept good that night :) On Sunday Kylie had a birthday party to go to. She looked really tired by the end of it.

Needless to say all that action had an affect on her Monday morning she woke up with a 103 temp. So off to the drs we went to get antibiotics through an IV. An the hell starts all over again. Just when you think things are better NOPE the poor kid takes a 3 steps back. So she took it easy all week. Luckily it rained all week. Wednesday and Thursday were like 100 degrees uggg that was terrible!!! So I kept her home from school. The heat def. has a huge effect on her. If she gets too hot her temp rises that's not good. Well Friday was much cooler so she went to school and made it all day.
It really makes me sad when I drive by a school and I see all the kids running around playing without a care in the world, and here's my kid in the backseat sick and tired and doesn't even have the energy to make it through a whole day of school. I ask myself everyday why we deserve to have this happen! Its so not fair!!!!!

Savanna has started taking new meds for her Lyme. Well they are giving her tummy aches! I need to call the dr today to see if they can give her something else. Poor kid!! Once again its not fair!! I hate that my kids aren't as healthy as they deserve to be!
On to a happier note savanna has lots of fun things planned fro the last week of school. Everyday they have something fun going on. Ice cream party, the maritime aquarium is visiting her school, and big end of the year party! I still CANNOT believe that my baby is going to Kindergarten in the fall. It has gone by so fast, she seems to little to go to school all day long. I am gonna miss her during the day.

But I will have a new baby boy to keep me busy! The girls are getting more excited all the time for the baby. They talk about holding him and feeding him, and buying him special things. Its so cute!

Ok this is totally off topic but i just noticed I use the exclamation point way too much. I guess every ting i say is so exciting LOL. My pregnant brain is nuts and jumps from topic to topic and forgets everything! Oh well enough for now. I will update again when i have more exciting things to say.

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers!! Scans and double chemo this week! <3 you all

Monday, May 23, 2011

Radiation is DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So today Kylie got to ring the gong! Signifying the end of her radiation treatments. Let me tell you what a GREAT feeling it was to see her wack that thing. It was a very emotional min for me and Mike. We both had tears coming down, even the women who runs the machine had tears in her eyes when she was hugging us all goodbye. The ladies who ran machine C (c for cute LOL ) where so nice they made her a little certificate, and got her a monkey stuffed animal and a good luck coin, and a HUGE balloon that when you tap it it plays don't worry be happy.

I am so happy that this month is over. It has def. been a trying month for all of us. It has caught up to her physically. She has been much more tired then ever before, sometimes it was hard for her to eat certain foods, and this cold she has had for what like seems like forever now, is kicking her butt. I am really hoping that in a couple of weeks she will regain some energy.

Savanna has started some new meds for her Lyme disease. I think they are def. making her have some symptoms again. The poor kid woke up in the middle of the night last night with really bad leg pain. They said this might happen and that's actually a good thing because it means the new meds are working. It kills me when my kids are hurting. But she seems better today. She is such a little trooper to take her meds all the time. She even can swallow pills crazy at 4 there was no way i would swallow anything.

Ya know i ask myself everyday why do we have to have 2 kids that are sick! It truly doesn't seem fair. But I have come to the conclusion that maybe its because someone up there knows we love our kids enough to make sure we do everything we can to make them better!! NO MATTER what.

Things have been stressful here for me very emotional and feeling like I'm pulled in 10 dif directions. Not sure if its pregnancy or just everything that is going on, but I feel like things are going to get better. radiation is over, summer is coming, savanna's b-day is coming, the baby will be born soon, camping season is upon us, warm sunny days. Yes things are looking up!!! Hopefully they will stay up.

Thank god for all my family and great friends. I don't know what i would do without all of you. Mike has made a webpage its check it out. My hubby is just so good at making webpages he rocks :) It has info on the fundraisers that are going on for Kylie ( there are so many wonderful people are helping to plan such great events to support Kylie)


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