Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Raidiation begins

Hey everyone i know its been a little bit since I posted last, We have just been busy.

Well first let me say that everyone is doing good!

The Easter Bunny came to our house and left the kids goodies, and lots of eggs to find. We spent the day at my moms house with family. it was a nice quiet day. And my god the weather was gorgeous. Makes me super excited for summer! The kids got spoiled by our family with lots of Easter baskets. Savanna got the swim to me puppy (with the purple goggles of course) that she has been wanting forever! She was so happy! Kylie got an American Girl doll that looks like her. She was ecstatic! The doll goes to the drs with us everyday for her treatments. She loves it!! We have also promised that once all her radiation is done we are going to take her to the American Girl store in NY and get some things for her new doll. Shes SUPER excited. Its nice to see her excited for something.

Kylie started her radiation treatments 3 days ago. She was really scared to go the first day. I don't' blame her it is all scary! But once again she amazed us with her strength. when the first one was over she said that was easy. Poor kid I hated seeing her on that table with the mouthpiece and mask on, it was scary for me just to see my baby that way. But she has done an amazing job and we are really proud of her! I hope that this month flies by so one more huge hurdle will be over.

Savanna has been really strong through all of this. She really has no idea what is going on but she is always telling her sister good job Kylie, or you have to take your medicine so you will be all better! She loves her SO much!! I am so proud of both my girls.

The pregnancy is going well! I am getting BIG I feel like I went from not showing to being HUGE! But i guess that's to be expected I am 25 1/2 weeks preggers. This baby boy loves to move and kick and especially to sit on my bladder LOL.

One other thing going on is that we are going to be giving our dog Luna away to a new family. It REALLY breaks my heart. I love her so much but its not fair to her, we are gone all the time because of drs and stuff, and she is being crated more then we would like. By the time we get home we are just too tired to give her the attention she deserves! Plus with a new baby coming threes really no way to let her be near the baby. She is not a mean dog, shes actually the opposite shes super lovable but just doesn't know her strength. I would never be able to leave her alone near the baby fro fear of her hurting him accidentally. But the girls and i are sad to see her go. Savanna is taking it hard, but I think she will be ok after a little while. She is going to a good home with another dog and a giant yard to play in! I know she will be happy! But I am going to miss her :(

Well I'm done for now keep praying that everything continues to go well!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

More Dr. apts.

Sorry its been over a week since I last updated, we have been busy and I have just been super tired. i don't want to do anything when I am home.

So we went to the radiologist that was not a fun appointment for Kylie. They had to make her mask that she will wear for her radiation treatments.

Its made from this flexible plastic that has tons of holes in it. it covers her whole head and attaches to the table so it keeps her head in perfect position for treatment. They tell me that's this is the most important part!! But she did NOT like it!!!!!!! It kills me every time I have to make her have some kind of test or scan or anything. I wish I could just do it for her.

They decided that she will have a mouthpiece in while they are doing her radiation so it targets the exact spot and doesn't have to go through her jaw or teeth as much.

But in order to do this we have to go to a special dentist to make the mouthpiece for her. So we have been back and forth twice already, we go back to the dentist today to make some adjustments then back to the radiation Dr. tomorrow to see if it will work. Poor kid is constantly at the Drs. and we are constantly driving in the car. But it has to be done so no use complaining right?

They are hoping to start radiation fairly soon in the next couple of weeks. I just want to start so then we can finish one huge part!

Kylie's hair has started to fall out :( This has been one of the hardest things for me so far. I know that its just hair and it will grow back, but it IS a big deal. Shes a girl who loves her long hair. It breaks my heart every morning when she wakes up and there is hair stuck to her clothes and pillow. and brushing it is torture. I knew this was a side effect but it is still hard to handle. She has been unbelievably strong so far about this. We are having a wig made for her. She even wants a pink wig and a blue sparkly one. LOL.

We found these really cute headbands that cover her head like a bandanna yesterday. She loves them so I see lots more of them in the future.

Well enough for now I'll post more later.


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