Monday, June 28, 2010

Too hot to do anything!!!!!!!!!!!

It is extremely hot today! One of those days where I have no energy to do anything. It is 2:30 and I am still in pjs! So i figure I'll catch up with things in the house, except I'm to lazy to clean or anything like that. So hear I am!

I have been uploading lots of pics to my facebook. My wonderful husband bought us a new camera for our Ten year anniversary! We are going to Disney World in Sept, and I REALLY wanted a nicer camera to catch all the special memories we are going to have :) So here are a few pics I have taken (well I have probably taken about 1000 so far but here a just a few)

I love my new camera i am taking pics of everything lately.

Another cool thing that is going on today my hubby finished making his first solar panel and it works!! I am excited about this. Now he just needs to make about 40 more and we'll be able to run the whole house by solar power. That is my goal (no more electric bill) That's going to take awhile but we are on our way!!!

Also our garden is doing fantastic this year! So happy about that.
I have started using my new Kindle and I lOVE it!! So I am off to be lazy some more and go read in the nice cool air conditioning. Try to keep cool.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I have the best friends!

I will be turning 32 on Sat., my friends took me out to dinner 2 nights ago to celebrate. I was so happy to be out with them with no hubbys or kids (just baby Edan of course). Sometimes its so nice to just be with the girls. We went to On the Border yummy Mexican food! I had my first mojito even more yummy (thanks D now i think i found a new drink I like)

So we had fabulous conversation and a great time. Then my crazy friends (Kassie, Cristina, Miriam, Dorothy) gave me a gift that was way to extravagant and I totally was not expecting. What did they get me you ask???? A KINDLE can you f'in believe it? I couldn't!! i have wanted one since they came out. I am so excited to use it!! I am a HUGE reader and this will be fabulous! I downloaded my first book and can't wait to start it. So yes I have the best friends anyone could ask for!!! i know you are jealous. I really couldn't ask for better friends. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

They are always around to listen when I'm sad, happy, angry, proud, or just want to talk. I am so happy that I moved here and met them, I don't know what I do without them. I love their kids and they love mine (i think)
So thank you my friends for just being there and for everything else you do I love you girlies !

PS stay tuned for pictures (come on Kas post them!!)

Sunday, June 20, 2010


So I had probably the scariest thing that could ever happen to a mom happen today. We all went fishing for fathers day, found a great lake to go to, found a great spot, everything was going great.. Relaxing in the shade, the girls were picking flowers and playing, they decided to go for a hike with mike. I was reading my book not paying attention to anything but it. Mike comes back 2 minutes later looks around and says wheres Savanna???? I'm like what are you talking about she went with you. He says i know but she walked back here. Now they literally went around the corner NOT FAR at all.

So now he goes back to where he was looking for her, no Savanna. I start calling her name no answer. At this point I'm not to worried I figured she was right back where Mike was. Now this lake we were at also has a beach but we were on the complete other side, so all you could here was all these families talking and laughing and noise, so you couldn't hear if Savanna was answering.

I am now totally FREAKING out, screaming her name, Kylie is crying looking for her too, Mike is calling for her. All I could think was that she fell in the lake, or that someone took her. I felt like I was in a lifetime movie. Finally after like 5 minutes (which felt like 10 hours!!) I see her come out of some bushes WAY down the trail running in the opposite direction crying calling "mommy, mommy". I am now screaming to her that I am right behind her. She finally spots me and comes running holding her dog dog saying she was trying to go back but couldn't find the way!!! I was SO happy I was crying like a nut saying don't ever leave me again! I picked her up to go tell mike that i found her, he actually was on the phone with 911, luckily we found her before he was even off the phone.

After we packed up and left I asked her why she walked right by me she told me she just didn't see me. I then asked her why she was in bushes her response was " there was bird in there i wanted to see" I should have known she is the type of kid that you could be doing something then all of a sudden she walks away saying look there's a butterfly, and follows it. But thank god nothing bad happened to her.

It makes me very appreciative for my children. There are just so many things that could happen to your kids. This day and age there are tons of nutjobs out there that we need to protect our children from. We had a long talk with the kids tonight about strangers, and not talking or going with them. We talked to them about what to do if someone grabbed them. Man my kids have some sets of lungs on them! I hope I never have to hear those screams for real!

It makes me so sad to think about all those kids that are missing and what their parents and families must feel. I mean Savanna was only missing for 5 min. and my heart was breaking, and i felt like a terrible mom saying how could i have lost my kid so easily! Thankfully everything turned out fine, but take the time to hug your kids whenever you can because you never know!!!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

10 Great years!!

Us 10 years ago

Yesterday was my 10 year wedding anniversary! To me its crazy. I feel like the time has passed so quickly, but I can't remember what my life was like before my husband.

We met in our Junior year in High school and have been together ever sense. We have done everything together, Junior prom, senior prom, graduations, college, having 2 kids. I'm so glad I can say that about us.

I feel extremely lucky to have the husband that I do. He is a great husband (expect for when he drives me crazy LOL) and he is an awesome dad to our two girls.

Even though our marriage isn't perfect, who's is, and if someone says it is they are lying, I wouldn't change it for anything. We have had our ups and down just like any other married couple, but have always been able to talk our way through it. I mean nowadays I feel like people give up way to quickly and don't even try to work things out. It is too easy to get a divorce and people should really think before they run out and get married. For me once your married its for good.

Well my fantastic friend Cristina watched my girls so that we could go out to dinner all by ourselves. It was nice to go to a restaurant and be able to eat in peace have a cocktail, and best of all I didn't have to cook or clean up the mess. I think we need to do that more often. Our lives get so busy I think its important to take some time to just be a couple.

My hubby surprised me with a new camera for our anniversary. I was super excited!!! We have been wanting a good camera for awhile and now we have one YAY!!!!! So you'll get to see some great pics posted soon, as soon as I figure out how to use the thing.

I guess I just wanted to write this post to say how lucky I feel and that I am very happy to spend all the rest of my days with Mike.

Ok enough mushy stuff sorry if I was rambling.

Us now

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Whining has to be the most annoying sound in the world!!
I am not sure why my kid was so whiny today but I am so happy that the day is over and she is sleeping.

Usually she is not so crabby, but when she is WATCHOUT she's a witch.
but with that face how could i stay mad for long !

So on a another note this week is the last week of every activity that Kylie is involved in. Can you say YAY!!! I will finally not have to be a taxi cab 3 or 4 nights a week.
But as much as I complain I will be lost without all the stuff I do. So I can regroup and get ready for the fall again.

We have Kylies dance recital this Saturday afternoon she is really excited, and so are we. My parents (meme and Papa) are coming to watch and spend the night. I get so proud when I see my kids doing something they enjoy. I am a big sap and always get tears in my eyes. One thing I think is sooo cute is that when kylie was in her first dance recital Mike (my hubby) and my dad bought her flowers roses, well they told her they got her Kylie roses (her name is Kylie Rose) So now she is so excited to get more "kylie roses" after this recital. SO cute. SO I will post lots of pictures after the recital.
I got a new camera and am so excited to try it out. MOre about the camera in my next post!!!!

Enjoy every minute you can with your little ones because before you know it they are 7 and 4 and it feels like everything is going so fast and you are just trying to hold on and take it all in before their childhood has gone by.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

A more self sufficient life!

The Simple Life!!

While hanging out at a friends house we were talking about eating organic, and using recycled plastic plates, and well going more green.
So they got me to thinking that Lately I have been wanting to try to change the way I live to become more green, a more self sufficient life , but I have to say it is not an easy process!! I wish I could just build a house in the middle of the woods and live off the land. (well ya know be able to go to the grocery store and get my food but live off the land the rest of the time.)
Add Image
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I def. do all the easy things, recycle, have energy efficient light bulbs, i have been trying to hang dry my clothes sometimes. But it is a lot harder to do the big things. Like buy all green cleaners, eat organic, get rid of harmful plastics.

So my plan is to try to change one small thing at a time. On my list
- buy green cleaners (I do some but I want to buy more)
- buy more organic foods (we do have a garden which is doing really good this year, that's one thing)
- start using Homeopathic medicines
- try to make my own soap, candles
- use the solar panels my hubby is making ( yes he is the bomb and is making them!!)

I know this is a tall order but with the help of my fantastic friends ( Cristina and Miriam) They are already doing great things to go green and I want to be more like them LOL I think I can accomplish it!!! They know a lot more about this than I do so I will asking for info and help along the way, so be prepared!!!

I guess what I really want is a simple life for me and my kids. Now I'm not saying I want to live without electricity. I can't not have lights, TV, and the computer. Just a less stressful, more peaceful life. I just feel like now a days people's lives have gotten so far from what is important, its not all about how much or how many things people have. I hope that i can teach my kids to enjoy the simple things in life, and to enjoy everything this world has to offer.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010



One of my family's passions! We started camping in a tent before kids, then finally talked the hubby into a popup camper YAHOOOO!!!!!! So fantastic. I camped every weekend growing up so its in my blood and I really wanted my kids to get the same joy out of the outdoors and the friendships you make . I get so excited for the start of the season. This year I was especially excited.

Our first trip out we went to a place in MA. It was a nice little campground called Shady Pines (in case anyone cares) We had a nice site as you can see. They had a lot of activities for the kids. Flashlight scavenger hunt, a DJ dance OMG my kids love to dance it is so funny to see thing 2 (who is almost 4) trying to do the cha cha slide and other dances, it was so cute! The Girls also Tye dyed t -shirts. They thought that was pretty cool.

Here's the finished product :)

We also made our own fun, which is what camping is all about! We rode bikes, went fishing and swimming, and of course toasted marshmallows!

All in all we had a great trip. Looking forward to a lot more fun this summer.

I think everyone should at least try spending some time away in the woods somewhere away from everything. No phone, computer, TV, work, just good old quality family time!! Our next trip is to NH to go to Santas Village.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My crazy Month!

Well I started this blog and then I never did anything!! My past month has been SUPER crazy! Between being a taxi for my daughter to soccer, dance, girl scouts (oh did I forget to mention that I am a Girl Scout troop leader, yeah its crazy, but more about that in later post.) PSA meetings, story hour, playdates, and everything else I have been a little busy. But I see the light at the end of the tunnel EVERYTHING is done in 2 weeks.

Something you need to know about me is I have a hard time telling people NO. That is why I am always busy. SO if you ever need me just ask odds are i will say sure no problem!! This is a problem and I will be working on it.

I have another crazy 2 weeks we have dance pictures, dance dress rehearsal, dance recital, fathers day, 2 birthday parties, 2 girl scout meetings, a girl scout bridging ceremony, ice cream social at my daughter thing 1's school, soccer practices and games.....
OMG I feel like it will be nuts, I don't know how other moms do it and work full time, I don't envy them that's for sure. But after that I can make more time to my momoir.

Totally off topic but I am recently obsessed with vampires....
It all started with the Twilight series, then moved on to the Sookie Stackhouse novels, to now The Black Dagger Brotherhood series. So Yup obsessed!! I am SO excited for the movie Eclipse on June 30th. I hope to go see it with my favorite girlies. But I think we need to have a girls night watching the first 2 movies. Also the 3rd season of True Blood starts this upcoming Sun. Excited for that too. I think I have a problem.
Well enough for tonight time to go get sucked into my book for awhile.

Stay tuned for more exciting entries...


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