Saturday, July 23, 2011

Chugging along!

So its been a long time since I've blogged.
Sorry people but I've been tired and hot and pregnant.

So only 2 weeks left till this little man is due to come into my life, I have to say everyone is really excited :) Especially Kylie she must say at least 5 times a day "I can't wait till baby Mikey comes" I just can't believe that its almost time. I finally feel ready though all his little clothes are cleaned, bassinet is ready, I have all the essential baby equipment ready to go. Now we wait! At my checkup a few days ago the dr. said he wasn't ready yet but maybe she would see me before my next appointment, HAHAHA little does she know my kids DO NOT like to come out till they are ready and I don't see this one being any different.

My 2 bffs threw me a small baby shower. I told them not too but they surprised me anyways. It was a really nice surprise, they did a great job. <3 you girls.

The girls are doing good. Kylie has been thankfully healthy!! So far she has had a great summer. Lots of swimming in the pool and hanging out with friends. The 4th of July was really fun we got to see lots of extended family and the Bristol 4th of July parade in RI. Fireworks, and tons of food. Just what summer should be! We have noticed that if Kylie plays real hard for a day then it will take about 2 days to recoup. But at least shes not missing out having fun.
Savanna just turned 5 YES 5 I CANNOT believe my baby is so big and will be starting Kindergarten. It really makes me a little sad:( But that's what happens they grow up. She had a horse themed b-day party of course I didn't expect anything dif. She just LOVES horses! I am looking into riding lessons for her come the fall. So it will be back to being busy and a taxi cab. Between riding lessons and soccer, and Girl Scouts, and a new baby. but I wouldn't have it any other way. i LOVE being a mom.

We had a scare the other night! A BIG one! Our dehumidifier caught on fire in the basement. Luckily Mike had gone down to sleep at 4am. The smoke detectors started going off around 4:30. I actually didn't hear them until savanna came into my room scared. I had the air conditioner running. I got up because I heard a beeping and opened my door and instantly smelled something nasty. I went to the top of the stairs and opened the door and a big cloud of smoke came up in my face. i yelled for Mike thinking he was still in the bedroom. he yelled that he was already down there and that he had put the fire out with the hose. Thank god! i was so scared I put the girls in my room with the cat because there was no smoke in there. The upstairs didn't get much smoke but we had to air it out with fans for awhile. It really freaked me out.
We are very lucky for a lot of things, 1. that Mike was down there and got to the fire fairly quickly. he said the flames were 6 feet high. 2. the humidifier was in an unfinished part of the basement ( or the whole toy room would have gone up and the upstairs probably would have had damage also.) 3. and most important that everyone was OK. Things could have turned out so much worse! Really Scary.

I have to say I'm not sure why we are being tested so much. We are grateful for everything that we have, we are not mean or unappreciative. We LOVE our kids and family. have we not proved ourselves enough? All I can say is we will face ANYTHING that we have to. We will keep going no matter what. And 5 years from now we will look back and say wow that was a hard year but look at us now we will be an even closer family :)

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