Thursday, June 9, 2011

Not to sure what my problem is lately but I have no energy. Not sure if its the heat, the pregnancy, or everything put together but I don't want to do anything!

Well that's not entirely true.... I want to get rid of everything!!! Clothes, pool, firepit we don't use, toys anything but I want to have less things!! I never had nesting like this with the girls. Well at least I don't think so.

Anyway I am trying to get ready for this baby we finally have somewhere for him to sleep I bought a new bassinet (thanks to mold ruining my old one) So now I only need to get a couple of more things.

This month is busy for us! We have something going on almost every single Sat and Sun. I think we will have to pick and choose though.

Kylie finished her radiation treatments like I had written before. Thank God for that. Her energy was coming back more every day. Well I think she pushed her self too much. One weekend she was going going going . She had a sleepover on Fri. then we took her to New york city to visit the American Girl Store. She had money to buy whatever she wanted for her American girl doll. This was her treat for doing such a GREAT job during the 4 weeks of hell (radiation) . She had a good time even though she was a little tired by the time we were leaving. So we went to the American girl store then off to Toys r us for Savanna. Who did not want an American girl doll. I kept asking her but no she wanted of all things Squinkies. She is too funny! The girls slept good that night :) On Sunday Kylie had a birthday party to go to. She looked really tired by the end of it.

Needless to say all that action had an affect on her Monday morning she woke up with a 103 temp. So off to the drs we went to get antibiotics through an IV. An the hell starts all over again. Just when you think things are better NOPE the poor kid takes a 3 steps back. So she took it easy all week. Luckily it rained all week. Wednesday and Thursday were like 100 degrees uggg that was terrible!!! So I kept her home from school. The heat def. has a huge effect on her. If she gets too hot her temp rises that's not good. Well Friday was much cooler so she went to school and made it all day.
It really makes me sad when I drive by a school and I see all the kids running around playing without a care in the world, and here's my kid in the backseat sick and tired and doesn't even have the energy to make it through a whole day of school. I ask myself everyday why we deserve to have this happen! Its so not fair!!!!!

Savanna has started taking new meds for her Lyme. Well they are giving her tummy aches! I need to call the dr today to see if they can give her something else. Poor kid!! Once again its not fair!! I hate that my kids aren't as healthy as they deserve to be!
On to a happier note savanna has lots of fun things planned fro the last week of school. Everyday they have something fun going on. Ice cream party, the maritime aquarium is visiting her school, and big end of the year party! I still CANNOT believe that my baby is going to Kindergarten in the fall. It has gone by so fast, she seems to little to go to school all day long. I am gonna miss her during the day.

But I will have a new baby boy to keep me busy! The girls are getting more excited all the time for the baby. They talk about holding him and feeding him, and buying him special things. Its so cute!

Ok this is totally off topic but i just noticed I use the exclamation point way too much. I guess every ting i say is so exciting LOL. My pregnant brain is nuts and jumps from topic to topic and forgets everything! Oh well enough for now. I will update again when i have more exciting things to say.

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers!! Scans and double chemo this week! <3 you all

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