Monday, May 23, 2011

Radiation is DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So today Kylie got to ring the gong! Signifying the end of her radiation treatments. Let me tell you what a GREAT feeling it was to see her wack that thing. It was a very emotional min for me and Mike. We both had tears coming down, even the women who runs the machine had tears in her eyes when she was hugging us all goodbye. The ladies who ran machine C (c for cute LOL ) where so nice they made her a little certificate, and got her a monkey stuffed animal and a good luck coin, and a HUGE balloon that when you tap it it plays don't worry be happy.

I am so happy that this month is over. It has def. been a trying month for all of us. It has caught up to her physically. She has been much more tired then ever before, sometimes it was hard for her to eat certain foods, and this cold she has had for what like seems like forever now, is kicking her butt. I am really hoping that in a couple of weeks she will regain some energy.

Savanna has started some new meds for her Lyme disease. I think they are def. making her have some symptoms again. The poor kid woke up in the middle of the night last night with really bad leg pain. They said this might happen and that's actually a good thing because it means the new meds are working. It kills me when my kids are hurting. But she seems better today. She is such a little trooper to take her meds all the time. She even can swallow pills crazy at 4 there was no way i would swallow anything.

Ya know i ask myself everyday why do we have to have 2 kids that are sick! It truly doesn't seem fair. But I have come to the conclusion that maybe its because someone up there knows we love our kids enough to make sure we do everything we can to make them better!! NO MATTER what.

Things have been stressful here for me very emotional and feeling like I'm pulled in 10 dif directions. Not sure if its pregnancy or just everything that is going on, but I feel like things are going to get better. radiation is over, summer is coming, savanna's b-day is coming, the baby will be born soon, camping season is upon us, warm sunny days. Yes things are looking up!!! Hopefully they will stay up.

Thank god for all my family and great friends. I don't know what i would do without all of you. Mike has made a webpage its check it out. My hubby is just so good at making webpages he rocks :) It has info on the fundraisers that are going on for Kylie ( there are so many wonderful people are helping to plan such great events to support Kylie)

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